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Year 11 gone

Could have stayed for the party on the field, but saddens too much

Clouds not quite so lowering, but definitely one of those horribly dull days. And it looks very quiet work-wise next week. When will this bollocks all end?

A kid today asked me what my favourite song was. I told him 'The End' by the Doors. Sums it all up, even if it might just be viewed as an exposition of the Oedipus complex. The legend is Morrison did it in one take. Can you imagine!

I signed a few shirts (and one arm) and could have hung about to do more. Needed to get home to apply for some other competition I am bound to fail to get through to second round. The Council have re-surfaced the road outside. Three days later it is rucked up and water welling. It's like 'The Gas Man Came To Call,' only worse. So today not great so far. Two poor days after the whole week of good ones.

Normally I watch the News, but now letting it play while I type. Just need to get on!

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