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I hate everything!

Instagram, TikTok, this platform, Twitter, Facebook... They are all useless.

I haven't posted in a very long time. My IT is utter shit, so getting any sort of notice, from any sort of quarter is completely unlikely. I find that since coming off the anti-depressants this time mood-swings are hyper-extreme. Coffee and cake with friends can be an absolute delight, but then when I fail at this computer stuff I scream at the PC and go into a complete blue funk!

I am doing all this artwork for and about Ukraine, but it remains in some digital dump. I do not want to contact, say, the BBC and plead for exposure: it would be both vain and not really a noble thing to do. But it gnaws at me like a rat in a prison cell, my hands bound, my ankles chained.

I am trying to set up a life-drawing class to relieve me of the necessity of working in Secondary any more, but that seems fraught with difficulty. The moriae have got it in for me. Made a cake. Am about to go and have some. As per usual I altered the recipe. It was pineapple upside-down cake., I used chunks rather than rings; I used morellos instead of glace; and added some whole cardamoms to suffuse the dough.

Stress! It does help the art, but I sometimes wish I were a dullard, satisfied with watching football on the box while quaffing Tenants and munching Doritos.

I will post if anything good ever occurs. I won't hold my breath.

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