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A message via Facebook: your website doesn't work...

Kafka for the 21st century maybe. I will have to bite the bullet and pay someone!

Should I try to add videos too? Should I advertise for the post of improver? The thing is I don't really know what path to tread. At least there is £1000 in my account, though so far this month there's been hardly any paid work. I sold one pic to Montana. It was a really good one. I am always conflicted when I sell one I really like. But it pays the ever increasing bills!

I bought 4 large canvas boards in Ely yesterday and so will beaver away this morning. I have to go into school for lessons 3 and 4. Geography. My favourite at school. It's still dark in the morning when I get up, but at least there is more light at the end of the day. Bulbs keep blowing in the house. It is either coincidence or the dreadful Tucker Gardner's refusal to address the rewiring that appears to be required by law.

The Bicycle Shop was shut yesterday, so I was unable to buy more spray paint. When that happens I tend to end up with dull tertiaries as the remaining paint mixes. I use up the brighter colours first. I don't want to order on line. It is much easier to brouse in a shop environment.

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