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Wix glitching this morning

Don't do that. I don't need it!

And hay fever on top of that. Great start to the day, though I managed almost a full night of sleep. Must have been tired. Teaching Art today. That's pretty unusual. I think it's French and D/T tomorrow. So much to do with applications and submissions.

Only a tiny bit about football on the BBC this morning, but it'll come down the line shortly. We did cricket and rugby most of the time at school. And athletics, which actually meant cross-country running, regardless of the weather and none of this nonsense of track-suits. Snow, rain, hail, follow the PE teacher through the woods. Paranoia now means they just run round the field a couple of times.

Let me gulp my coffee. It's diuretic quality is a concern for the older gentleman! Had raspberry yogurt, raspberries and muesli to start the day.

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