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Will Wix work today?

Four days in a row now with no school. I need the space and the break.

I fear this is very glitchy and slow. Better make it quick and click. Radio 4 so much better than BBC1, though not perfect. They are rabbiting about the glide-path for Education. Blah, blah, blah. Why don't they just say that this cohort are bound to be buggered. Honesty seems to have died a messy death.

No more Yr9s for the foreseeable. I had just had enough. And been completely off social media for two days now. I often wonder if the spokespeople have ever been teachers, or visited a school in the first place? At least, we have back-up plans in place. To err is human, but my word, many make it their vade mecum.

Slept almost 8 hours last night. Needed that. Can try to get back into art production today. I have to decide if I want to house-sit for a friend. It could be a mode of 'employment' for the next few months too. I just feel far too old to be teaching in the public sector. We'll have to see!

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