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Will have to nap later on.

I wish I could get a handle on sleep. I used to be a night owl; now I am a little lark.

This was improvised by staring at squiggles and smears left on an additional piece of paper as I worked. I love dancing, though now lower back pain slows me down, so perhaps the devilish dervish is me as well as the victim.

This example shows very well the blobs and lines under the resulting picture. I turn the page round until something emerges, add another layer if nothing appears. I di this when I was about 10, but thought I had lost the skill during adolescence but it re-emerged after the Courtauld.

If i's had more confidence, I would have used a lot of these vignettes as starting points for much larger work, but often enough my dead-end jobs had to be carried out regardless of intentions, and there were parties to organise and go to anyway.

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