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Why bother?

So close to stopping this blog as another pointless exercise. I have 239

Watching 'The Defeated' on Netflix. Very good, but equally depressing. The historical telescope might fade some of the content, but when we look around the world there seems little change. And the global catastrophe that is climate change has woken up too few... as yet.

2 lessons today. Back and wondering what housework I should be tackling: there seems to be too much for a logical assault. I guess I am still in a Sertraline doldrum, hoping that the Luxembourg Prize might give me a boost. The Saatchi thing did nothing. I don't know how I still manage to surprised?

Only one booked for the rest of the week, but school's requirements change daily. Bit like the government. The new Yes album is streaming. I refuse to be cynical about its release until I have listened several times. Like a painter reprising work, it must be difficult for any band to do something original, rather than predictable. De Chirico copied his metaphysical work throughout his life. They sold. Only now are the later things finding interest, Post-Modern avant la lettre.

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