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Whinge, whinge, whinge!

And maybe I become part of it by whingeing about the whingeing!

I'd love to do a workshop about biomorphism, and how to initiate making some. Would need to be for older students, I think, but I am always surprised by how willing younger people are to 'have a go'! The installation had 2 primary schools involved and I worked with scraperboard at one of our feeders. Not yet managed to do one in my own village, but maybe next academic year?

Teaching Spanish and Maths this morning. Well, at least I'll be in the room! Cover work normally assumes a non-specialist will be provided by the system.

I did not watch the Diana interview when it happened. I do not want to see soundbites taken from it now. I have no interest in an enquiry about the getting and screening of the 'event.' 'In depth investigation' is the corollary of the moaning and carping that dominates all levels of society. So if I do not get accepted by the two competitions I am about to apply for, then it will be OK to pillory the judges and the curators? I might even make a YouTube video about the trauma. And then feel so much better having done it?

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