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Whatever happened to service

The house supposedly needs rewiring; getting it arranged is like wading though treacle.

A truly minor botheration in the grand scheme of things: Afghanistan, global warming, even the diabolical mess that is State Education. But everything now seems to take so long. But at least I had the delight of a hilarious conversation with my housemate about buying sea water and collecting sludge. She clearly works in an interesting industry.

Kafka would have 'loved' all this. On a survey recently I was asked for my profession, but it was not listed and there was no box to explain OTHER. Attempting to get to school for the first training day, so I now what's going on vis-à-vis Covid bubbles and masks... still waiting to find out. It'd be useful, so I am not asking for anything outrageous.

Can just manage next month's rent, provided there is no unforeseen bills landing on the mat, and the debt-recovery agency wat to reies in October, but with reduced hours at work and still no inheritance they aren't going to get more that £2 per month, I can tell you! Just need some delightful collector to buy a darn picture. But I will not dare hold my breath.

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