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What is wrong with the world?

Hartlepool has gone blue. I was born there, but wish I hadn't been!

I look sufficiently pissed off at something, or everything, to make this a good cover picture. I thought I understood the world, but it seems that the pandemic has set my brain akilter. It's all upside-down!

is it the fault of inadequate education or of ignorance entrenched? Not that any of it matters. The French fishing dispute perhaps a better indicator. We will have no fish stock shortly, so who drags the catch from the waters is utterly irrelevant. Even the protesters about the ancient woods in the road of the pointless HS2 pale into insignificance with the increasing pollution of the air. If we can't breathe, we can't travel.

I do not wish to be bleak, or even politically acerbic; i just find my countrymen, my species insane, every last one of us, including myself of course. Greed and stupidity march hand in hand across the planet. And where does rt fit into that image? No place. It's all pointless. I read comments on platforms and despair. But perhaps I am just becoming a Victor Meldrew?

So I am infected too by the depressing half-truths of the Covid era. Have to go into school today, but I have no desire to do so. It's all too tedious and plein d'ennuis.

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