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What I learned in the '70s

The trainee asked me a question in cover today, and I knew the answer. Felt good!

And got an endorsement of a comment on YouTube. Clearly a good day. Although I felt a blast of national paranoia. The government directs that teachers and pupils can stop wearing masks. The overarching organisers where I work decided to make it optional - everyone still masked. Listening to what the kids say is like trying to get one of those tin-can telephones to work; you know, string strung between the two holes your Dad drilled. As effective as an ashtray on a motorbike. Sigh.

The usual parabola of opinion in the growing then aging individual predicts late dissatisfaction with absolutely everything by the end. Well, that's certainly true here. Will try to get a couple of mixed media pieces done in this dullness.

I found a money spider clinging to me as I opened the patio doors this morning. I wound it three times around my head. Will be rich by the next eclipse (Wednesday coming in Sagittarius, highlighting my fifth house)... as likely as any other predictive assemblage or faith-pinned nescience.

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