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What a hopeless resolution that was.

I had to post as I now have all of 2 subscribers. Vanity, vanity, all is vanity!

Fire in The Sky. Acrylic, and enamel on pastel paper. I was so delighted to sell this picture to a friend. Kim had the only private individual in the country with a license to fabricate fireworks, so every 5th November we were treated to the most incredible displays imaginable. He was also the chaplain and Chemistry teacher.

Very little sleep again last night, It's a pretty common occurrence. I sometimes take a Sominex. They really work, but perhaps it is a bad habit? I ask myself now if having a private education helped me along the way or not? It made me an intellectual, which stands somewhat in conflict with Fry's notion of the Innocent Eye of the artist, but it can't be helped. It gave me a passion for literature and for Spanish, but they did try to dissuade me from anything artistic. At both O and A level, they refused to timetable me any lessons, or give me a teacher, assuming perhaps that I'd capitulate and stop. But I did them and History of Art A level without tuition. I now wish I had been stroppier and gone to art school regardless of any discouragement. It might hae made the path easier?

You talk bilge on the BBC, by the way, fostering an advocation of spelling reform. All part of the whinge culture that dominates. Perhaps the Chinese and Japanese should do away with their calligraphy? 'Bad spelling' in the visual field has been de rigeur for several decades now. I agree that the meaning is crucial, but some artwork in important galleries is diabolically inadequate. But I would say that...

Must try to do a couple of TikToks today. Not sure whether to post or link here, but I like the subversive notion of NOT doing dreadful hand-jives or poor lip-syncing to abysmal Euro-pop, and putting artwork commentary up instead!

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