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Well, here's a challenge

If anyone at all reads absolutely any of this blather, message me to say so.

If it were Mars. I once saw a book that was about imaginary lands. At the moment they all feel like that.

I have eclipses in Sagittarius and Gemini coming up and am Gemini ascendant, my housemate tells me. Uncertainty, but new areas untapped will open up, or should. Communication important, so may mnage to get these humble messages sent into the world and seen?

Dull day, but maybe just because I am up so damned early. been watching sciency programmes on YouTube. Giving me new titles and ideas for work. However, it seems that there is an ever-widening gap between those that know and those that don't. There is even a new discipline called agnotology, the study of cultural ignorance and its spread. When I see interviewees about Brexit, Boris or Covid, I find it almost unbelievable. Almost.

Should make a TikTok tomorrow, but really need a PA. Any offers? You need to be good at ICT and be vaguely artistic...

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