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Weird Yellow Light

When I opened the blinds it looked like a prelude to the Apocalypse. I am not ready for thatyet!

They are now quibbling over boosters. The world seems incapable of coming together over this, let alone the breakdown of ecosystems and the death-rate liable to result from global warming. We used to feel that science was a reliable support to the population, but not so much now.

One lesson of Science today, so it better not rain. The biggest concern today is whether the property management company finally arranges the electrical work? It's now 50 days since the certificate was NOT issued. I was holding off ringing the umbrella group to agree to tenancy extension, hoping that the rewiring MIGHT have actually been arranged!

The Science just became French for Year 7, but I might get lunch too. I will see how the weather shapes up later. The new shoes have been rubbing like nobody's business, so will have to wear the old ones for a while.

Saatchi want an updated 'studio' photo for the profile page. Might try to get that done too, if I remember. I tend to go a bit blank at the end of the school day. One of my friends from Homerton has just swapped teaching for Tesco. Not there yet, but it's harder every day.

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