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Watching James Somerton

All about Queer Theory in film studies. Fascinating and very well argued. Refreshingly erudite.

Woke up far too early. But I knew there was no chance of going back to sleep. Off to Ely for brunch again. Will tey to get the A5 sketchbook finished by the end of the week. I think there are 9 leaves left. This Art Deco sign, by the way, references both the collapse in Miami and the fact that there are now 100 covers in this broken sequence.

I have to admit that when I look at record covers (and videos for that matter) I wonder what on earth was going through the graphic artist's mind at the time? There are a number of conventions and tropes and being original has become quite difficult: predictable and derivative versus obscure and unsuccessful in the intention of propagating and promoting.

But the artworld is exactly the same. And I wonder if occasionally 'judges' and buyers deliberately pick the 'out-there' just to prove their taste and erudition - a cleverness that is not there? One of the worst consequences of pandering to popular interest and choice is that mediocrity is foregrounded and made into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I look at provincial juried shows and gag at the pathetic rubbish showcased on the walls, Looking forward to the one at Babylon coming up!

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