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Washing on

Good that my appliances are working, though the fridge-freezer was a leftover from the previous tenant, stored in the garage whe we took over.

Naked boy, naked jungle. he is green like the forest he inhabits, like an avatar or personification. He holds the fruit of his labours therefore. For this is idiomatic. I don't think I ever do anything else, unless it is a mere drawing.

So this is the other working method: to impose the image over the improvisation, a melody on top of the continuo. Seems predictive in that the plight of the planet now rests in the hands of a species incapable of saving its home from utter destruction.

Should I do that thing where you can check the numbers of viewers? Probably not, at the moment anyway. And now I have to decide what next month's competition will be. It all costs and each 'gallery' wants different things: format, statement, vid, links.

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