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Utterly Useless

I won't name the, but my word, the property management company from whom I rent are less useful than the proverbial chocolate teapot. Just sayin'.

So the story runs like this: having asked them repeatedly, though not demanded in writing I admit, that they NOT use my mobile, but the landline instead, I received an irate message from a contractor that I had not engaged with a necessary piece of maintenance. There communication was via email. Once I had explained the above we were able to arrange a visit to check the electrics almost immediately, with very little further delay to the mandatory inspection.

The guy tutted and explained that the wiring was dangerous. By law there was 28 days to do the corrective work. That was on the 23rd July. I am still waiting. I chased the miscreant umbrella company, pointing to the legislative edict, but the silence is post-apocalyptic, eve after a second 'enquiry.'

Next week I have free days before the return to school. I explained that, but if I were a betting man I'd go to Ladbroke's and place a huge bet that the likelihood of the issuing being resolved before my 64th birthday was less likely than the godhead manifesting in the sky over the recycling unit near Ely, waving at the works in collective illusion.

I asked if the 6,6 instead of the 1.1 maximum allowed by law might represent a fire risk (I din't want a grand exegesis of the figures' relevance) and was relieved to be told that no the only real risk was if the faulty cabling touched a pipe one of us could be electrocuted on the shower or bath. That's so good to know..

I would quite like to know if readers have similar inadequacies sparking in their direction, but then no-one reads this! I have now been renting for 40 years and this is the only company that needs the Queen's Award For Hopeless Inefficiency. What, she has not instituted such a prize? I am gobsmacked. Have a good day y'all anyhow!

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