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Up too early!

6.30 on a Sunday? Though I spotted some neighbour boys setting out on an expedition.

So hot in my room. That might be why I am up with the lark? Well, almost. Might be cake for second breakfast to perk me up. Will have to see if there's any possibility of working over the holidays. There is a rumour that we're doing a Summer School for selected students...

£20million to go into space. Pornography, vile inequality, disgusting misuse of wealth. And the guy is wanting anonymity. When the tabloids pillory minor sexual misdeeds often think, 'Who cares?' The story is how greed distorts the world. The meretricious prosper as much, if not more, than the meritorious. And we see it every day. There should be a new category of human, the anti-celebrity. Not anything like the antihero, just a parasite and a profligate leech. I am not advocating a soft sort of communism, but just some kind of amelioration, some better balance. Won't happen. Greed is the main emotion and characteristic of the 21st century.

I once wondered why Dante Alighieri spilled so much ink over hypocrisy when they are mentioned very little in the Biblical source; but it is because it is a cold sin, a disagreeable denial of humanity, the humanity of others and of the sinner himself. So there is a horrible danger that if the dosh starts pouring in and fame grows exponentially I end up as the Selfish Giant. But if I do, the Ferris foundation will give art to the nation and money to children's charities. Pick me up on it if I fail!

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