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Up stupidly early... Again!

And lessons too. My word, the world is marvellous! No sarcasm there at all!

Because this darn PC is so glitchy, it takes a fair amount of time to upload and edit these. They won't be for sale, I think. Done over the last few weeks, they mix ink and oil pastel and sometimes acrylic and gels. It is almost like therapy, but had to go to Ely to buy a great load of art materials... again.

So sticky last night. Opened my eyes ay 5.12, got up at about 6.16 - hate this weather. But don't want the oppressive grey weeks that preceded it. I can only hope that everyone at the awful G7 are equally stuck up and sluggish?

Lockdown continues. The world is in such a horrible mess. I see ads for holidays and am somewhat tempted with 24 months to take it' but who knows whether there'll be a further extension of the imprisonment? Better get up properly and iron a shirt etc. Had first breakfast, but maybe a muffin at 9.00?

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