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Up at six!

My sleep patterns are getting worse, waiting for things to happen...

Lucifer. Acrylic on A4 coloured Khadi paper. His name means 'light bearer,' so there might be a parallel with the role of the artist? My hands burn with the need to produce work. It is worse than an addiction, even if feeling unenthusiastic, the art pours forth.

In history, angels are usually draped in long, flowing, white robes, whereas devils are often naked. Is there an assumption that the lustful and the lascivious are the denizens of Hell? Runs hand in hand with prudery and outrage at nudity.

I had religion rammed down my throat by home and school, but reject it completely now. The trouble is some ecclesiastical sites are among the most beautiful and serene I have ever visited: Durham, Gall Placidia, Tepotzotlan.

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