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Trying Radio 4

Hating BBC1 so much had to shift, but it was rather worshipful... but not in a good way!

Brilliant food yesterday at the Snooty Tavern in Great Staughton. So delicious. We booked a birthday lunch for November there and then. Bit of a schlep, but well worth it. A sort of memory-jerker for my mother. She would have loved it!

Bothersome email from the property management company to fill the renewal form. That's fine, but in the context of the legally-required rewiring, it becomes a diabolical irritant. I was told it had to be done within 28 days of the reporting. It is now 70 days or more. This is why the inequalities of this country will never diminish. The 'me, me, me' culture extends into corporations and groups everywhere. Add to that the preference for lying and we are doomed.

They say it is about to turn autumnal. About time. But remember, there is no indication of global warming whatsoever. I wonder if the mendacity of the people in power was, in fact, just as bad back in the day but I just didn't notice, or has there been a radical shift in favour of untruth or obfuscation? It is very hard to try to unravel the memory of this. I just can't believe it.

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