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I am not an eco-warrior, but I watch the news and despair!

Leopard seal. Stuffed. Drawn in the Zoology Museum. Just seen the Beeb about cutting Roald Dahl's wood down. And listened to the escalating costs. Vile, Next item was about shopping online. An exec is bleating that their products are ecologically sound. They are not. I have lots of clothes that are 25 years old. Luckily 'conservative styled' shirts keep their usability. And in case you think me a fuddy-duddy, I adore clothes shopping especially in the USA when I am able to get there.

Cold again this morning. I am thinking of going to Ely on Monday, when non-essential shops reopen. I can look for second hand books in the many charity shops and possibly eat on a terrace, weather permitting. The washing-machine was glitching yesterday. I so hope it doesn't need replacing. I gave up £270 in darn Council Tax and sent a birthday card to Germany: it didn't fit through the normal slot, so cost £3.70. And then the lovely Tories tell us they are keen on levelling up. And I will be world famous by Christmas!

I sold almost enough art in January to pay the month's rent, one in February, and then none in March. This is why I never veer even vaguely towards optimism. As I dyed in the wool pessimist, the world never disappoints me. Well, better get on and do some more artwork. One on Ganymede may need a tweak and there's one to be called 'On the Eve of the War' with nude men bathing innocently before the arrival of madness.

Hope all my non-readers have a lovely day!

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