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Too early for Sunday

More doom and gloom on the feed, with an added spice of religious carping.

Lazy day yesterday. Normally I get agitated if a coffee develops into a long meet. Once my drink is gone I get ready to leave. Just generally grumpy? So here's another grumble: watched The Lighthouse on Netflix. Had it been made years ago I'd have endorsed it, but it was another one of those arthouse movies that actually move nothing forward, even if it was supposedly 'resolving' a mystery in a New England island locale.

Just had to go back to religious news on 4 as Click was being screened on Breakfast - hate that programme so much. It reminds me of the idea of Top Gear only talking about how the internal combustion engine operates. When kids ask me how much RAM I have, they might as well ask have I visited the moon. Why would I know?

I should try to do some tidying up today, but that might slip into 'should have done.' It's my father's birthday, so I should phone him too. I'll have to see how the day unfolds.

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