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Too damn early

PC glitching like a bugger. That's all I need. No, really!

Two Blowpipes. In case it's unclear, this is a picture of Camazotz and the Hero Twins in Xibalba. That's a better start to my Sunday. It's sunny out, but the weather forecast suggests horrid rain later.

I am beginning to feel inclined to do a large picture of the 'monster' with no other indicator as to the myth indicated. The enigmatical has a place in art, though looking at some 19th century subject matter I wonder if any label can dispel the ignorance of the viewer, however erudite.

I want to get on with the Ali Fazeli Monfared painting. I have found some of the oils, but they are the slow-drying, poor-quality ones. I did not want to resort to a wholly acrylic piece. The new owner of the house next door was surprised by the fact that the endgame might mean a 3m picture. I need a proper studio, that's all.

I read 100 pages yesterday. Usually I manage about 50. This on top of quite a lot of Netflix binge-watching. There is just not enough time, regardless of the fact that some quantum physicists say Time doesn't exist!

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