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Time to turn off the TV?

Another hopeless politician/spokesperson on the Beeb. They might as well speak in tongues.

Me hugging Warhol. he may well be another victim of a family loft purge. A great shame as I had him specially made. The jinx principle applied - get publicity photos done, book bought by nobody! If that still applies theferrisfiles is bound for absolute failure.

Managed to zone out there and not listen to the blather on Breakfast. No school today, which is good as I have so much to do. At least the tomato plants don't need watering. Woke up stupidly early after having had to get up 4 times during the night. The body can be a closed book. Two nights preceding that I slept through till six uninterrupted.

It's May but certainly doesn't feel like it. They predict extreme weather events on the increase, but even the diurnal variation is sufficient to indicate terrible unbalance. I have no dependants so maybe should be oblivious to the descent into Hades, but I look at my charges and think that they are the inheritors of our general inadequacy.

Oh well, gives me something to think about.

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