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TikTok and on up

I think I have finally sussed the formatting. We will have to see.

Bleeding Van Gogh. Improv on thin grey crd. Done from memory. The import is to focus on his tragic life, and by projection nodding at my lesser angst and those of some viewers. Strikes me that the majority of visitors to the Amsterdam museum lump him in with any experience, a cathedral, a film, a trip to the races. But maybe that's me being cynical as usual.

I think I have finally managed to sort out the issues around my new venture, but we will have to see later today. I woke up at about 5.00 and thought about 1 minute flicks that I could make, art and silliness. I so need non-essential shops to open so I can get canvases and get more work done, though school vaguely promised more supply, which of course curtails my art-making time.

As to the ITC problems of yesterday: I am an old curmudgeon, but in my defence there are many cases when the platform or company has a rubbish interface. Microsoft keep telling me there is a problem with my account. I click and follow links only to be told the service is not available. PayPal very recently asked for a password; it was at least 10 years since I started the account. Changed it and they sent a verification number. I logged in and it asked for a verification process - shall we text or call? 'No, bugger off!' I might add SCDC, NatWest, a certain estate agent and a trust. Not to mention the government. So there you are: I have become a troll. But I hope with justification.

Two more days when I feel the lockdown at its worst. Have to sneak around the house like a leper. Should tidy the library and hoover the bedroom ready for the new TikTok 'Three Paintings on my walls.' Have done Instagram this morning. Need to do Twitter and 'Van Gogh Inspires' on Facebook. It's not quite a full-time job, but it is a considerable effort.

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