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Bizarre start to my affiliation - three followers in 24 hours. Way to go!

Asylum, 12x12" collage on paper, 1980s. I was going to do 52 of these and call the series 'Calendar,' but never finished it.

So, as you non-readers can tell, I have branched out into another sphere. When my kids ask me, 'Sir, have you got TikTok?' I'll be able to say yes, though more likely, I'll say, 'I don't really think that's any of your business.' Don't like that, but it conforms more closely to anti-proselytising professionalism. Though many of my colleagues have shared the vid of me dancing with their form group. It's always interesting to see how long it takes the new intake to ask if I am famous? Not yet... but soon!

Should I try to do 2 short vids per day? That'll get me to catch up with the number of days in the year so far. It seems another pointlessness; but keeps the ennui at bay for a few moments. What can you really say in a minute or under? I guess the current generation are fed on this soundbite culture, combined with the belief if it is on the platform they like it is bound to be true. There is so little critical thinking. John Walsh at Yale fosters it, and my school did too. It is hard to distinguish truth from falsehood when you are relatively without experience, and only now can I do it more or less instantaneously.

The problem with a lot of the stuff I have made is that they are hyper-light-sensitive. With modern printing, perhaps some could be redone in permanent inks on archival paper.

Just one more thing: although this is a literal take on van Gogh's tragic incarceration, it stands as a metaphor for all of us, for the artist especially, but at least the starry night without is stunningly beautiful!

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