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This world is so horrible.

A 12 year old boy in Devon hanged himself because he 'questioned his sexuality.'

Riley Hadley took his own life after it was decided he should go back to school after a period of home-schooling came to an end, initially a result of persistent bullying. I despair. I will think about a memorial piece, but it is so difficult. I did that when Asher Brown shot himself in the US. Cyndi Lauper set up the True Colors Foundation in response. I made Prometheus then, but not sure what I should do this time. I do not want to rush it. Perhaps another variant on the Endymion myth. Not sure.

There are those that claim we have moved forward over the past 50 years. Sometimes I agree, but at other times I see no progress whatsoever. Hatred is so ingrained. I look at religious conflict and feel the same, and wonder at the pointlessness of anything. There is no reason, no deep thinking, just the gut. And it reeks of the mephitic stink of the visceral.

Now they are talking about another delay of Unlocking, and Cummings pours out unsubstantiated invective and the media lap it up like dogs returning to their own vomit. If I can get The Cottenham Nude nearly finished maybe my mood will become slightly more sunny, but I doubt that too. There is no faith without doubt, they say...

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