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This is TOO difficult!

I am 50 years too old to understand how to get this site finished, too, too long in the tooth!

Ceiling. An improvisation inspired by the Camera degli Sposi in Mantua.

I manage about 30 minutes, then it all defeats me. It is unclear whether I managed to accomplish it or not; nor do I know how to NOT do something - 'Add a phone number' for example. Never, ever.

And on top of that I flip-flop backwards and forwards about decisions: no more images until I sell something; keep adding and adding to up the chances. There must be an optimal number of images. At least I am pretty certain to not have same ones as on Saatchi or Facebook. Which brings me to the next step - connect to your social media platforms. That's another piece of Wix arcana I have completely failed to grasp. Should hae procreated and had a grandson so ICT savvy he could do it all blindfolded.

At least this now ticks off my 'something web-wise tasking I set myself everyday. Worked on the Cottenham Nude too, swabbed the bathroom floor. Looked through a huge number of files and folders to add to the new venture - ferrisphotos.

Payment came for a picture bought on the 21st, but still ni Dilophosaurus printed skull. It is all beyond my control, beyond my reach. Do any of you ever feel the same?

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