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This is the 60th

I wil catch up with the number of days relatively shortly, especially as Easter holidays are nearly here! But it feels like I am the new Sisyphus on bad days...

Landscape with Fates. The kids use cardboard palettes at school, so as to avoid the need to wash plastic ones, and to help prevent the sinks getting blacked and perhaps paint on clothing minimised. I fished this out of the bin then worked on it.

They have been reduced to mute boulders, rather than being glyphs or sharper symbols. I will do a larger version, though probably closer to the other little pieces I did with Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos on.

The influence of Miro is there again, but through various filters. The stars aren't helping much at the minute - and no I am not convinced by astrology; but then I'm not convinced by much at all in life - I am becoming a grumpy old man!

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