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The State of the Nation

If we had one here there'd be no good news for the foreseeable.

I am listening to Radio 4 and can't believe wg=hat I am hearing. Visas for butchers? Or else clling and destroying. Soldiers to drive lorries. The 3 month permission for European drivers to be cut to 2, and none will come anyway. And that when some estimates put the shortfall at almost 100,000 short. Christmas will be a blast.

My next gripe may well be the GP surgery. I tried yesterday and was offered an appointment in 2 weeks time. Unfortunately, I need anti-depressants TODAY. Waking up at 3.30 this morning was an indicator. I am going to Ely at the weekend; will buy lots of spray cans. I need art-making almost as much as sertraline. And the grey days seem to have started again.

We are putting a probe in orbit around Mercury, but we cannot feed our kids or rejig the education system sufficiently to guarantee an even playing field for the current Yr11s. Wow! We are in some sort of mess...

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