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The perception of the normal

It is so distorted. YouGov send surveys about my retail habits - I don't have any!

The assumptions of the majority, or of the ruling cdre perhaps, is that everyone has amounts of disposable income and spend part of their time thinking about what they buy and what they will buy. Those of us that live hand to mouth to do not have that slim luxury. Furthermore, I would love to know if Joe Bloggs actually puts retailers in order of value? Do they have priorities and base preferences on the money they have in their pockets in the first place? So it becomeas a sel-fulfilling prophecy..

I love shopping when I have cash, but that is now such a goddamn rarity that the idea that I might consider whether I'd be proud or embarrassed to work for Argos or Ikea, for example, is so beyond me as to be impossible thought. Are we become so empty that the whole of our being revolves around our buying power, or lack thereof? I am not a Marxist, but the position seems considerably more comfortable and more interesting than this obsession with purchase.

I saw an item on my feed recently about a designer knitted coat worn by Harry Styles. An influencer n=made a tribute copy (or cheap knock-off, depending on your point of view). The V&A now hold one of each. The one with the label cost £1000 each, the internet had 40 million views on the 'adoring fan' post. What on earth is wrong with people - both the ones that can afford the thousand pounds for a fashion quirk and the sheep that express their engagement buy knitting the copycat article?

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