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The one in which the penis appears

The 30 are far more coy than the previous 70, but the song remains the same!

It's still fairly inoffensive (I hope), but I think that the theme is, if you like, 'The Husband Stripped Bare by his Previous, Even.' But it's a century since Duchamp set the artistic world akilter. In any provincial galleries you see the 'artists' trying desperately to reclaim the centre, to set the whole thing on to an even keel. They might not bother. There is no possibility of putting the genie back in the bottle, to change metaphor in mid-stream.

Was persuaded by an email to upload some more to the somewhat execrable Saatchi. I say that because it has very little to do with art, and everything to do with commerce. The recent drawings which give me $97 profit, while the collector has to pay $210. Yes, shipping has to be paid, but the idea behind the site is that of the cash-cow. I have put a set of gay things on there. I have done so in the past, just to be provocative, and they have sold surprisingly well.

The opposite is also true: I have had more likes and engagements on a group page on Facebook than i have ever had elsewhere. The public gets what the public wants; the public wants what the public gets. Maybe. My housemate was clearly right that August would be very creative.

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