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The Fates conspire against me

My canvas was not properly square, so spent £165 on nothing. Will repurpose it.

Here's a complete abstraction. It's a paradigm for the confusion and lack of connection we make everywhere. The issue with it is that, as a self-taught artist I make mistakes, this being on an ink ground. It'll fade if exposed to very much light. So it is best hidden for the rest of time. i could do those horrible giclée print things, but they are a grave rip-off! Nonetheless people promote them and others snap them up.

I have to work on the new version of Rain today. Noted the dimensions down wrongly for CDS, so strictly speaking they better disqualify it straight away. Should also get the Luxembourg thing finished too. Just not enough hours in the day, and I took a sleeping tablet last night so stayed in bed for getting on for 11 hours.

Spent far too much money yesterday. Joked with friends that I would not buy food for a month. There have been tomes when that has all but been a necessity. I have tomatoes and cheese, bread in the freezer. Luxury!

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