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The dull ache

The existential pain is not acute but it is constant and there is no remedy for it.

I saw a clipping from a local New Zealand paper dated 1912 commenting on carbon dioxide and the legacy coal-burning would leave in a century's time. And still we do so little. We need to stop bereding, for we are too many. 2 kids max in a family. It may sound ridiculously draconian and unmanageable, but the seeds of world government need to be planted.

We have to stop freighting meat from one side of the planet to the other, and eat less of the stuff anyway. We have to fill containers with goods; most are NOT full. Sharing would make overheads less and surely the tech to coordinate exists? Food waste by big corporates should result in massive fines. The super-rich should be taxed properly, even if that means 99p in the pound. Every person in this country should plant 10 tree saplings. Every garden should have at least one edible plant, be it potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries or figs.

And i can rant all day and no change will be the net result. And art-making? As useless as the sublime Oscar said. Unfortunately.. The life drawing class looks more and lore unlikely. I checked DB, a local tutor, and he had absolutely no intention of starting one up again at the moment. And I will have to see if I can get more work at school in the coming term since probate and flat-sale are less likely than my becoming a theist before Christmas!

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