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Thanks to everyone that followed

One at a time, the list gets longer. It is still a struggle, but here we go!

Strata. Ink and scraperboard on Khadi paper. Wished I had done Geology O level at school, but it clashed with other extra subjects I had nominated to do. I still watch loads of YouTube vids on dinosaur discoveries, alongside the ones in Spanish from INAH in Mexico.

Woke up at 4.00 again, but actually went back to sleep. I learned yesterday that Italian is 82% cognate with Spanish, so if my current golden dream came true, I could learn the former quickly enough if I retired to Sardinia.

Bad weekend: felt like wading through treacle. Should have bought the 2 large canvases I saw in The Works in Ely. My tutor at AHEC said she always saw my work as prelims for larger pieces, but that has never been my method, though I have done some of late, though modifying considerably.

I want to buy a 3-D printed human skull, but am waiting until I make a sale. The savings are slipping away and school is offering very little work, not that I particularly worry about that, but Lockdown routine is not really the same as the previous types of the daily round. This might make an interesting large copy. Will think about it.

Hope everyone has a good day today!

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