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Stress, what stress?

When I see pictures of children squatting in mud around a standpipe of dirty water in some drought-riven country I should be more joyful about my lot in life. Easily said...

Yes, the lack of money and the lack of artistic success drag me down deep into the depths. My father decided to take up the offer of a 'free' place at a private school in a government scheme to raise up the brightest male students in the borders of Cambs and Northants. He now regrets that decision, and maybe if I had gone to the local Comp I would have gone to art school and become a famous artist? But there is no point looking back and wondering.

Perhaps there should be research to see how the promoted kids have got on in later life. I think I am only still in contact with one of them. He works in a factory. But there would have to be complimentary investigations into the services kids who were boarded while their fathers were posted abroad and the sons of the relatively wealthy who sent their boys there by paying the fees. And I fear it would prove very little one way or the other.

There might be a little supply this coming week, but payment only goes in on October 24th. The monetary difficulties will not be solved by that. I guess I will have to make some grumbling comments to my sister about inheritance. Why is nothing whatsoever simple in this awful modern world?

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