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Stop with the CDS thing, will you?

It slows me down and I've more or less consigned the failure to the dustbin of history.

Today's real question is why do the BBC allow people like Dominic Cummings a platform? For that is exactly what they are doing. They would not allocate time to leaders of Far Right politicos, nor to Holocaust deniers, but they fawn around this guaranteed liar as if he were the Bocca della Verita itself. Sorry there's no accent on the last a - haven't learned how to do that yet.

It is stupidly hot and sticky again today. That some in the Scientific world have woken up to the possibility that rates of climate change may have taken a sudden acceleration is at least one spark of hope. There's little else about, and even that is wrapped in confusion and grim forecasting.

Off to buy another set of canvases today. Shouldn't, but resistance is futile. The PC I am typing on is now so slow and glitchy that I fear it may pack up completely soon. Will bite the bullet and see if I can get an itinerant 'expert' to come round and tweak for me. Oh, to be young again, and manage to negotiate the labyrinth that is computers.

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