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Sport on the radio

Fighting at a football match. It all seems so mindlessly stupid.

I have never understood supporter mentality and have only ever been to 3 matches in my life, though one was in Mexico City. The other two in Newcastle. Glad I went, but not really a habit for me in any way, but neither are any sporting activities, though I would like to go to grappling next time I am in Germany or the US.

This coffee I am drinking is rubbish. Maybe it has get stale at the bottom of the jar? Will buy more on Saturday. When I have brewed a pot for Italian friends they think it far too insipid anyway. I don't drink the stuff after 11.00 usually. Don't want to get into the habit of espresso every day. But then people think I will never end up in Sardinia as I claim I want to.

Thought I got away from Westminster pundits by shifting to the radio from the TV, but now there is one and I might just have to turn it off. Looks like no work today, but one lesson booked for tomorrow. Will get some more tidying done perhaps.

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