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So very tired

Slept OK, but meds take some getting used to. Was one lesson, now three.

Won't get much artwork done today, then. Italian learning, yes, though i found it a struggle yesterday. Just couldn't concentrate, made stupid mistakes all along the way, but I am now legendary in lots of things and will graduate to Pearl level shortly. 58 days in a row. Makes me aware of how learners don't learn.

Bought a book in Oxfam about USA Modernism. Occasionally still read art history, but the new Stuart MacBride novel the priority. I have enough second hand books to keep me in reading until start of next year, but may well buy some more in charity shops in Ely. Can't resist.

Will get lunch at school, which helps. Should mow the lawn, but bit disinclined at the minute. Lodger not up yet and she needs to be at work at 8.00. The sky is pale blue, and I bet it's cold out.

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