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So little sleep... again!

I wish I could get a handle on this appalling timetable, or lack of it.

Did a ballpoint drawing of tomatoes from my garden yesterday. Good to keep my hand in, but want to go back to the Zoology Museum, but still feel rather dubious about it. The pandemic has not gone away, and I fear more is yet to come. I was due to see bat specimens behind the scenes, but Covid put paid to that.

I see the low orange sunlight hitting the conifers behind the house, its shadow cast upon the lower branches, and see that it is good. May be scraping my oil drum today. Seems there is more art stuff to do day after day. My housemate says the stars promise improvement in career, but i see no signs: the posting in a Saatchi collection has produced nothing. I also tried to get a new male model to draw, but I am not holding my breath, At least I managed to work out a mnemonic for 'Cover at school' during Maths yesterday - the students were so focused; it was incredible.

Started reading 'The Thirst' by Jo Nesbo yesterday. I have 20 books ready to read. They should last until Christmas. They are nearly all detective fiction, but there is some art history too.

The orange has slid to yellow and soon will just be daylight white. Duck egg sky again.

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