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So little sleep!

Woke up at 4.15 It is doing my head in. But at least collection by DHL today.

Should really tidy the living-room, but not really feeling it. Should also edit some more postcards, but again my enthusiasm is rock bottom. PC now won't manage to stream music at the same time as having 'Photos' open. At least it's sunny.

And listening to more slices of idiocy on the BBC. People may well be sincere in their intentions, but my word it's so wafflicious. Talked to a friend last night by video and made me certain the state of State Education is country-wide, not just confined to a local bubble.

Now they are starting on about football. I have switched the iPlayer off; rather have the commentary about what is happening (or rather not) with Lockdown, vaccination and schools. Another sigh to start the day.

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