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So damn tired of everything

I succumbed to the pressure and subscribed to Netflix, but it's already palling.

I should do some large paintings of these biomorphic abstractions. They are derived from one of the grappling photos. The question is: what is the meaning behind them? Fed on a diet of Surrealism and Sci-fi has had an immediate effect. In which case they are hybrid monsters, symbols of both the archaic lifeform and the future inhabitants of the planet as well as our deepest nightmares.

I suppose I will have to engage with domestic things today: ring the guy to fix the door-handle. Why would the property management company bother to do it? They take their slice and run. Pop a load in the washing-machine and probably do a bit of tidying up. I thought about adding oil paint to another canvas, but the garage already houses one; it'll take a month before the next layer can be added, so need to stagger the second and third pieces?

It is a beautiful day out there, but work needs scanning and uploading, and the TikTok I promised you I'd do is still stuck in the camera unedited. Second jab on Saturday, and now no masks in classrooms, but a third wave still threatens. But there's to be an enquiry about how the pandemic was handled. So that's alright then.

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