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Snowing up north!

Not down here, though the sky looks dull and threatening rain.

Moonrise, acrylic and enamel collaged on paper. Another Kimbolton picture.

Having taken to TikTok, maybe my focus is now rather narrow, thinking in soundbites and memes?

I saw one of my students walking in the High Street yesterday. He is one of those bantering boys told by several of my colleagues that he talks too much, though I like his chatter. I did not call a greeting him as he was with his mother; adolescence brings a separation between circles - family versus friends. I felt envious of this one as he still has his Mum and his whole life begins to unfurl before him. I just hope he makes his own decisions, rather than confirming and struggling a lifetime to undo parental pressures. One expects a certain degree of difference between the two spheres, but my father recently had to ask my sister if I have a partner. The gap between us is an ocean. I would make totally different choices if I had my time again, but it is no point looking back now and regretting. I just need to get on with it!

Had I gone to the local comp, I would have been bullied, but also gone off to art school as part of my attempt at salvation. I might never have become a teacher, unless in a college environment. But this is idle consideration.

I wok u 4 times last night needing to go to the loo. What delights the aging process metes out its passengers. At least deposited 5 detective fiction novels on my doorstep in the afternoon - Peter James, Ian Rankin, Peter Robinson and Agatha Christie. Nothing intellectual, nothing taxing. I feel like the late Beckett!

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