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Smell the rain!

Petrichor is technically the smell of earth dampened by the rain, but it makes one feel cooler psychologically, even if the actual temperature is only marginally down on earlier in the week.

Finding setting up for CDS is becoming a real uphill struggle. Either the Fates or my own subconscious are reacting negatively to the prospect. Or you can just put it down to the way the cookie crumbles.

The offer of a trip to a sauna was tempting, and unlike a certain 19th century celeb, I can resist temptation. Spartan school, Methodist upbringing, and typical puritanical Capricorn. Great combination that.

Will force myself to complete the form. Framer Number 3 says he might be able to get a frame done for the 29th. I only need to arrange transport for that day. Twice. Better check if L is putting in. Talk about a rat-race - or is it a rat-trap?

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