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Slept through to 8.00

So unusual, but I have been feeling tired a lot. Weird really; no apparent cycle, but nonetheless...

They are talking about Education and September on the Beeb, and I am just wondering what the hell is going to happen. Any extended plan seems to be pie in the sky at the moment. Masks? Catch-up? Money for State schools? It's all up in the air at this point, despite crowing from certain quarters. And, of course, it's still 2 weeks away. They have loads of time to scribble something on the back of an envelope.

I went to Storey's Way Community Centre to talk about a life-drawing class. Am now in two minds. The stress of NOT having probate on my mother's estate and the uncertainty around school make a second layer appear to be a rather odd strategy. The rent for this month is doable, but September is touch and go. I would beg any reader of this blog to buy a painting, but no-one's reading it, so pretty damn pointless in the grand scheme of things.

I need an art injection, but the prospect of travel to London to see a show negates any notion of 'Freedom Day,' but I am so glad Dominic managed to get his holiday in Crete under way before any crisis blew up on the other side of the world. And I feel exonerated in my choice of obsessions: I get loads of likes on Facebook, and a follower a day on Instagram. I think I have made over 4000 posts now. An exemplar of futility, all round!

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