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I get worse and worse at this necessity, waking about 4.00a.m.

I'm not usre where I got all the money from, but I was getting through materials like the end of the world was just around the corner. I had started work in a meat factory after my father had delicately proposed, 'You have a month to get a job or get out,' on the same day I had my degree officially confirmed.

This combination of purple, black and white relates to my alma mater, not my university as is usual, but my school. I was there from 11 to 18 after going to 6 primaries before its unusual stability. This is the left-hand 'pane;' of The Fates. Another one I should recreate much bigger. Might go get 3 canvases from The Works in Ely.

I need feedback to decide what to redo and what not, so invisible reader, if you feel like it make suggestions, though I didn't guarantee I'll oblige. Time is tight.

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