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Shut up about football!

I went to a very sporty school; not great for someone that hated it!

7 lessons of sport per week; three more if I was a boarder. Luckily I was not. Maybe if they'd had dance, I could have got into it. We also had a cadet force. Didn't do that either. Perhaps if I had engaged more with the physical i might have fitted in better, but think it was too late from the very start?

And now we are going through who said what about the 'royal' baby. Who the hell cares? If everyone gets their 15 minutes, I'd like mine now. I am delighted that I am out for coffee and cake this morning in the newly created suburb Eddington. I'd quite like to use their lovely Community Centre to start a life class when we can finally do that. Bit of a schlep to get there, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

In that the idiots in Mayfair said no, should I now try to get a male nude into the local Society? May be pride week, but I would lay a pound to a penny that they refuse it, citing style and finish rather than content. There is always an excuse. Plus that famous clause, 'All decisions are final and negotiations will not be entered into. The judges choice is fixed and not to be altered under any circumstance.' Or something similar.

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