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Or however you're s'posed to spell it? Just basted myself for about 40 minutes on each side, like a BBQ sausage.

I guess tomorrow's project is to ring the readymade framing company and see how delivery works and guaranteed fit conforms. All such a strain. Just had another struggle with Facebook technology. They should not offer editing or memories if they then don't work.

I wanted add another list of lost contact names to an earlier post: Jeffrey, Slater, Lopez-Oliver, Ruiz-Ramirez, Aguilar, Edwards. Perhaps I shouldn't think about all the blood that's flowed away? Winter Winds by Mumford and Sons is playing on Amazon. Excellent song, if a little depressing at the same time. My worldview that.

The Van Gogh Museum asked its followers if the followers could thing of an ugly picture that you can see beauty in? How long a list would they like? I begin to hold entirely to a view that borrows from linguistics: supra-segmental signification. All that is without the boundary of the frame carries as much, if not more than that held within. There's something for you to think on. this afternoon!

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