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School next week?

There may be work, or not. I did 4 hours in March. Healthy, wealthy, but not so wise.

Should buy a new pad on Monday in The Works, if we go there, Andrew and me. Also get some more canvases? It'd be nice to dine al fresco, but it could well be rather cold, if the forecast is to be believed?

They keep talking about vaccine passports as if Human Rights were destroyed in one fell blow. But no-one would debate the legal necessity of wearing clothes, of having a driving license, of schooling your children. Alright, there might be a few, but generally people accept certain constraints, but carp at others. Arbitrarily. And things fluctuate. The Age of Consent pre-Victoria was twelve. When I was young gay guys could only indulge if they were 21; now it is 16 for either inclination. There are campaigns and there are changes in circumstances, but most are stuck in their time and in their geography. Artists attack the commonly held things because they must. But we must avoid special pleading. There has to be a universal applicability. The trouble is one cannot pre-plan for this: it is there o it isn't.

I have a couple of feeds on my social media that look at the thanatotic. I am not morbid, not even a pragmatic realist, but rather work on the principle that the presence of death illuminates life... in all its glory, complication, or ennui.

I have a fair number of skulls, bones and specimens. I might buy some of those resin-sealed insects at the Antiques Centre too. The motto 'Money in, money out' is being eroded at a glacier-melting rate. I'd like a 100 of them, but that's £500 I do not have. We will have to see how I jump in a few days time.

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